X-23 wolv and x-men
Biographical Information
Real Name: Laura Kinney
Alias: X-23
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: Laboratory

Wolverine (cloned after)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'1'
Character Information
First appearance: Hulk Vs,

X-23, or Laura is young girl with Wolverine's powers. She is Wolverine's clone, created by Hydra, and she works for Weapon X.


Laura is the female clone of Logan. She like her "father"(Logan: as she's a clone of him)gained two knuckle claws like Logan's and one on each of her feet, which the Professor stated was to "ensure his legacy".

When the Weapon X base was going to be destroyed, the Professor came to her in a blank room and told her the location had been compromised and they were moving her. He brought her out as Wolverine and Mystique were fighting Weapon X to free Kristie Nord. When Wolverine tried to go after the Professor, X-23 activated her knuckle claws wanting to fight him, but the Professor told her it wasn't the time. Wolverine was going to go after them, but he had to stop to fight Maverick. After the base exploded, X-23 watched from the helicopter.

In the future, Wolverine somehow found four clones of a 20 years older X-23, one of which he called Laura, possibly the original. They helped him against Master Mold, but were quite aggressive.

When Master Mold captured Professor X and used the Sentinal-made Cerebro to search for every remaining mutant on Earth, Wolverine and the X-23 clones attacked. The clones shredded the Sentinals while Wolverine defeated the cyborg Colonel Moss. He then told Laura to take the others and release the prisoners. They almost attacked Vanisher, but Logan told them to stand down.

She was made to be a better version of Wolverine, having all the same powers but no feelings.