Wolverine and the X-Men was an american cartoon based on Marvel comics heroes: the X-Men. It was the fourth animated cartoon for the x-men after X-men: the animated series, Pryde of the X-men & X-men: Evolution. This show ran for 1 season only, it was going to have a season 2 befor getting canceled.


After an explosion that caused the disaperence of Professor X and Jean Grey and disbanding the X-men, Wolverine must bring them back to stop a dark future.

Voice actorsEdit

Steven Blum-Wolverine Nolan North-Cyclops
Liam O'Brien-Nightcrawler, Angel
Kari Wahlgren-Emma Frost
Yuri Lowenthal-Iceman
Jennifer Hale-Jean Grey
Jim Ward-Professor X
Susan Dalian-Storm
Kieren van den Blink-Rogue

Season 2Edit

The series was going to have a season 2 but was cancelled instead. It would be about the age of apocolypse and new characters such as : Magik, Jubilee, Cannonball, Havok, Cable and Deadpool. The series would have also possibly included the return of Emma Frost according to the fans and a few changes in the X-men.

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