Biographical Information
Real Name: Katherine Anne Pryde
Alias: Shadowcat
Age: 18
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: Deerfield, Illinois, USA

Carmen Pryde (father)
Theresa Pryde (mother)




Brotherhood of Evil Mutants


Iceman (love interest)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue Grey
Height: 5'6"
Character Information
Powers: Intangibility,chronoskimming
First appearance: Hindsight (Part One)
Portrayed by: Danielle Judovits

Katherine "Kitty" Pryde AKA Shadowcat, has the power to phase though objects and chronoskimming which makes her a valuable member of the X-men.


Kitty has a very strong personality and is also very caring. In "Hindsight Part 3," she is seen to be the most concerned about Professor Xavier's condition. Kitty can be a hothead toward some things and is very snappy when talking to Logan and Forge.


Early lifeEdit

Kitty lived a normal life with her parents. At the age of 13, she discovered her mutant powers and was sent to the Xavier Institute.


Kitty joined the X-men as Shadowcat and became a valuable member of the X-Men due to her powers. While training with her teammates Nightcrawler and Colossus, the training session ended with all three losing because of Logan. After an explosion destroyed the mansion, the X-men disbanded. Kitty went to live with her parents again.

Rejoining the teamEdit

Beast offered Kitty to rejoin the X-Men but she only hung up the phone. She told Bobby that she wanted to go to Genosha. Bobby told Hank and Logan who went to catch up to her right on time, she then decided to rejoin them.

Psychical appearance Edit

Kitty Pryde is a Caucasian girl with brown hair which is held by pigtails and grey eyes she is slightly shorter then bobby when she is out fighting she wears a blue and yellow jump suit.

When she is not fighting she wears a blue shirt with a pink t-shirt inside with grey pants held buy a black belt and brown shoes she also wears bracelet with ear rings and her hair is hanging.

When she is sleeping she is wearing a pink t-shirt and shorts and her hair is in a pony tail.



She responds very well to Kitty's commands. Tildie calmed down to her words when Kitty "babysits" her.


They seem to have a romantic relationship and do like each other a lot. In " Greetings from Genosha", they are in the danger room together. Bobby helps Kitty get up to the turret. But the ice bridge breaks, and they fall. After they fall, trash comes down on them but Kitty phases them through. They hold onto each other and roll their way out. Afterwards, they seem embarrassed. Bobby is seen with a slight grin on his face. Mystique as Angel interrupted their conversation. Also, in "Battle Lines", Bobby tries to ask Kitty out but Kitty doesn't quite see the picture. In the realm of fanfiction, it was predicted they will date in Season 2 but, it is now canceled. Kitty is not always kind to Bobby, which could have resulted in mixed feelings toward him. In "Hindsight: Part 3," she gets jealous when Bobby shows interest in Emma Frost.

Wolverine/Logan: She is not afraid to stand up to Logan. She cares about him in the other X-Men versions, but it is not as obvious here.

Scott Summers/Cyclops: She seems to know Scott well. She mentioned that the Scott she knew would have been the first on the jet.

Rogue: She was very excited to see Rogue when she thought she was re-joining them. They could possibly be best friends.


Phasing: Kitty has the power to phase through objects, which is useful when others and herself are in trouble.  

Chronoskimming : Kitty has the power to send her consciousness into time