The Scarlet Witch
323px-Wanda Maximoff (Earth-8096) (3)
Biographical Information
Real Name: Wanda Maximoff
Alias: Scarlet Witch
Wendy (by Logan)
Age: 23
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: Wundagore, Transia

Magneto (father)
Quicksilver (twin brother)
Polaris (half-sister)




Nightcrawler (love interest)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Character Information
Powers: Probability Manipulation
Hex Bolts
Combustion Hex
First appearance: Greetings from Genosha
Portrayed by: Kate Higgins

Scarlet Witch is the daughter of Magneto and the sister of Quicksilver and Polaris. She also has a crush on Nightcrawler. Wanda is a member of Magneto's Acolytes. She lives in the metal palace with her family, and does not appear to leave the island of Genosha.


Wanda was a member of Magneto's Acolytes. She lives in the metal palace with her family (House of Magnus), and does not appear to want to leave Genosha.

As part of the Acolytes, and powerful enough, she ensure peace on the island. She was very proud as well as protective of Genosoha and Magneto ideals, and believed her place is faithfully at her father's side. She is also very protective of her younger sister, Lorna, and helps Magneto hide the truth of the cells from her. She seems estranged from her twin brother Quicksilver, due to her father's orders to keep him off Genosha.

At the start of the series she strongly emphasized Magneto's ideals and followed his beliefs of "survival." Later, after almost letting Wolverine drown, Wanda realizes that just because her father would do it, doesn't make it right. She still believed her rightful place was at his until he revealed his devious plan, which led to her her realization that everything she believed in and stood for was a lie.

Wanda was also Nightcrawler's love interest. Magneto introduced the Scarlet Witch as his personal tour guide, where she took him out to see Dazzler perform at a concert and lightly flirted with him before leaving. However, he has stated that she's "not the love of my life." He later reveals that her life is important to him, although she thinks just like her father.

After Nightcrawler and Wolverine brought her back to genosha, Nightcrawler offered her the chance to come back to the school with them, but she refused, saying her place was with her father. She kissed Nightcrawler on the cheek and said goodbye before departing with her father.

Powers Edit

Chaos Magic/Reality Warping: Wanda had the ability to manipulate and warp reality at will, which allows her to access different kind of abilities such as: flight, probability manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, mental manipulation, teleportation, magical spells, willpower construct, etc..

  • Hex Bolts: Wanda had the ability to manipulate probability via her hex bolts which manipulated energy fields and matter to varying degrees. She can use her hexes to cause a wide variety of phenomena such as spontaneous combustion or melting, canceling other's powers and abilities, rapid or spontaneous decay//break/heal/fix, molecular destabilization, altered/affect/control matter, molecular composition and physical state and form of physical objects, and caused various forms of energy to spontaneously appear or disappear- to list only a few feats. Also can cause enemies to stumble or otherwise suffer the effects of "bad luck", Thought wandas hex powers are not limited to negative effects, but also positive and only work she wants them to.
  • Hex Blasts: Wanda can project very powerful blasts, orbs, waves and beams of hex energy. This can destroy or hit objects or people with a great force.
  • Hexes: She can use her hexes to light flammable objects, contain or remove air from a particular volume, deflect objects, stop the momentum of projectiles, explode objects, create force fields, deflect magical and normal attacks, energy control/transference/disruption/amplification/transmutation as well as inertia redirection/amplification/disruption/transference, block/unlock/closed/opened doors, object and technological devices, negated or distorted physical laws and manipulated the physical forces.
  • Magical Spells: Wanda can cast various powerful spells. She has also been trained in sorcery.
  • Willpower-Based Construct: She create strong constructs like magic weapons: swords, blades, punches, etc.

Notes Edit

In the comics, there is a universe where Nightcrawler and she get together and have a daughter. It is worth noting that this other universe is similar to the one the cartoon is set in, having Charles and Jean die/be missing in action.

Trivia Edit

It is unknown if Wanda possess chaos magic or reality warping abilities like in the comics , since she only demonstred hex powers.

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