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Biographical Information
Real Name: Kurt Wagner
Alias: Nightcrawler
The Elf
The blue one
Age: 20
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: Bavaria, Germany

Mystique (mother)
Rogue (foster sister)






Scarlet Witch (love interest)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Indigo
Eye color: Yellow, no visible pupils
Height: 5'9"
Character Information
Powers: Teleportation
Superhuman Agility
Prehensile Tail
First appearance: Hindsight (Part One)
Portrayed by: Liam O'Brien

Nightcrawler is a member of the X-men. He is the team's teleporter and "elf". He is the son of Mystique and Rogue's foster brother.


Nightcrawler is a calm, caring, and white-hearted X-Man. He is always there for any of his teamates and never lets them down. Kurt has shown really good leadership as shown in X-Calibre. However, desprite his chearful personality, Kurt can be very aggressive when in a serious situation or if any of his friends are in serious danger.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nightcrawler has a demon-like appearance. He has blue fur, black hair, a demonic tale, three figers on each hand and two toes on each foot, and golden eyes with no visible pupils. His X-Men suit is black and red with an X in the middle, white gloves and boots.


Early lifeEdit

Kurt Wagner was born in Bavaria, Germany to the mutant Mystique. His demonic apperance was what forced his mother to abandon him at an early age . It is unknown what happened to him next. At some point, Kurt was exposed as mutant to the town's people of Winzeldorf. Kurt was then chased by an angry mob and was about to be killed when Professor X mentaly paralized the crowd and offered him to join the X-men


Kurt joined the X-men as Nightcrawler. During a traning session with Shadowcat & Colossus and getting traped by Logan in the end, there was a huge explosion which destroyed the school. Feeling homelesss, Kurt left the X-men and went on his own.

A true heroEdit

Kurt was next seen sneaking on a cargo ship in disgise,trying to help mutants that were not being treated fairly, he confronted the ship's captain threating to drop him that if he dosen't feed or care for them. After that, a group of "pirates" invaded the ship trying to find the the powerful mutants. Kurt batled the pirates but was knocked out in the process. Kurt woke up only to find himself among the mutants that were captured while the others were still on the ship for being usless. Kurt teleported there and asked to what their powers were but they told him their powers were useless, Kurt told them that "" mutants are not cursed but gifted", this encouraged the young mutants to tell him and and help save the captured mutants, together they rebuilt the ship, freed the mutants and batled the pirates and won. After the events, the X-men arrived asking him ton rejoin the team. However, he refused stateing that he still had to take thee mutants to Genosha, Wolverine understood and told him to call if he needed them.

A new life with love Edit

As promised, Kurt brought all the mutants to Genosha safely. He was confronted by Magneto who offered him a place in his island. Kurt was shown around by the Scarlet witch. The two developed romantic feelings for each other. Kurt contacted the X-men, he said that he was thinking of staying for a while. On his first night, Kurt went to Dazzler's concert with Wanda, after the party, they saw a mutant trying to escape Genosha. Kurt stopped him and asked Wanda to show him their prisons. Wanda showed him the cells which seemed to be very nice. Kurt then met Dust who told him not to be fooled by the apperance of the cell and asked him to meet her there. That night, Kurt found the cells empty and a secret entrance that leads to the real cells. Magneto spotted him and asked him to forget about them . However, Kurt refused and was chased by the Acoylts.When Nightcrawler tried to contact the X-men, he was confronted by the Scarlet witch who claimed that her father was doing was right for all mutants but Kurt didn't belive her and went back to the X-men by teleporting through the rain. When he reached the mansion, Kurt was approched by Logan who Knocked him out and revealed to be Mystique.

Hunting GroundsEdit

Kurt was brought back on Genosha and trapped in a prison designed for him. Wanda alwayes talked to trying to cheer him up but always failed. When Spiral returned, she kidnaped both of the m and brought them to Mojo's universe were they would run for their lives from Mojo's men. They defeated all of them but then had to face Logan who was controled by Mojo. They fought him and won. After that the three left t but were confronted by Magneto who wanted to imprison both X-men for kidnaping his daughter. Wanda convinced him let them go. Kurt offered her to go with them but she refuse and then kissed him before leaving with Magneto

An X-man againEdit

Kurt rejoined the X-men and fought by their side. He went on alot of missions with them. He was present in a fight with Juggernut.


Nightcrawler went with Wolverine to Genosha to warn Wanda about Gambit. When Gambit blew up Genosha, Kurt saved Wanda by teleporting her to a tower. When Magneto approched them, Kurt left.

Rescuing JeanEdit

Kurt along with the rest of the X-men was knocked unconsious after Jean sent a powerful wave across the city. Emma Frost woke him up and the two along with Wolverine and Forge fought against Archangel and rescued Jean. While talking with Logan in the aftermath, Kurt was knocked unconsious by Emma along with the rest of the team.

Final battleEdit

When the phenoix Force was unleashed and causing disasters, Nightcrawler sided the X-men to stop it.

After winning the battle, Nightcrawler was present with the rest of the X-men when Xaiver congratgulated them for stoping the phoenix and changing the future.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Teleportation: Nightcrawler's main power is teleporting, he can only teleport to short distance about 2 miles. However, he can't teleport to places he had never seen otherwise he would get killed.

Wall-crawling: Nightcrawler can crawl on walls.

Super Strength Kurt has shown to have super strength.

Night vision: Kurt can see in the dark

Camouflage : Due to his dark blue fur, Kurt can hide in the shadows.


Swordsman: Kurt is shown to be able to handle a sword.

Hand-to-hand-combat: Kurt is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

Acrobat: Kurt has shown to have good skills in acrobat.

Leadership: As seen in X-Caliber, Kurt is shown to have good leadership skills.

Intelligence: Kurt has shown to be highly intelligent.

Language: Kurt can speak German and English and possibly other languages.


Kurt once used a two pairs of swords in a battle.



Kurt seems to be close to his leader. Logan also seems to be close to him as well. During the series, Logan has shown how much he care about Kurt. In X-caliber he threatened Mojo when the latter was threatning Kurts life. Another hint is that when he chose Kurt to come with him to Genosha to stop Gambit ( or due to Kurt's relationshipe with Wanda). Wolverine also calls Kurt "Elf"


Kurt seems to be good friends with Ororo, it was hinted in Greetings from Genosha when strom was worried about Kurt & asked him when he was coming back.

Scarlet WitchEdit

Nightcrawler is romantically involed with the scarlet witch. He first met Wanda when he brought the mutants to Genosha and ever since then, the two developed feeelings towards each other. Their relationshipe was strained when Kurt found out about the imprisoned mutants.


Rogue is Kurt's foster sister. The two didn't show any hints in the series. It's unknown if they are aware of their family ties or not.


Raven is Kurt's mother. The relationshipe between them is unknown. Although in Greetings from Genosha, she knocks him out & brings him back to Genosha which hints that it might be possible she dosn't seem to care for him. It is unknown wheather Kurt is aware of his family ties with her or not.

In Marvel ComicsEdit

Kurt Wagner was born to the mutant Mystique and the demonic mutant Azazel. His last name comes from his step-father Baron Christian Wagner. He was abandoned by his mother for his demon like appearance that he got from his father. Kurt would be raised by Margali Szardos and her two children Jimaine and Stephan in a circus. Kurt would grow up to be religious. As an adult, Kurt killed his brother who had gone mad and killing children. The people of the village thought he was a demon and chased him. Thankfully, Professor X saved him and offered him to join the X-men


Nightcrawler is German, he sometimes pronounces the "W" as a "V". He also says "th" as a "Z". Kurt also says some German when he is speaking English.


  • Nightcrawler has more episodes where he is the main character other than the rest of the X-men (except of course Wolverine)
  • If the series continued, there were speculations that Nightcrawler's and the Scarlet Witch's daughter Nocturne (from another dimension) would have shown up. This is uncertain since the series was cancelled.
  • Although never mentioned in the series, Nightcrawler was a circus performer as mentioned in X-men spotlight.
  • It is unknown weather Kurt is aware of the relation he has with Mystique and Rogue, but since this show is a spin-off of X-Men: Evolution, he could be aware (since in the Evo, he finds out his family ties with them). However, the show does not have a relation with X-men: Evolution so there is a possibility he doesn't know.

night-crawler A.K.A Kurt Wagner from X-man evolution

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