Robert Drake (Earth-80920) 0025
Biographical Information
Real Name: Robert Louis Drake
Alias: Iceman
Age: 18
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: Port Washington, Long Island, New York

William Drake (father)
Madeline Drake (née Bass) (mother)






Emma Frost (Brief love interest)
Shadowcat (love interest) rogue ( love interest)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Character Information
Powers: Ice Manipulation
Ice Mimetism
First appearance: Hindsight Part One
Portrayed by: Yuri Lowenthal

Bobby Drake thinks he's the coolest guy around. His cockiness may sometimes cause trouble, but this reckless young mutant's ability to project intense cold and convert moisture into ice, forming a variety of icy weapons, protective ice shields and ice slides, has nonetheless made him a valuable asset to Wolverine and the X-Men.


Bobby is the joker of the team. Always having fun, and being cool. He is kind hearted and caring and always there for his friends. Bobby likes to flirt with hot ladies like Emma Frost. However, he shows nervousness when he is around Kitty.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Bobby is an average American with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a red t-shirt with a white sleeved shirt under it and brown long shorts and sneekers in civilian. His uniform is a yellow and dark blue sleevless bodysuit with an X in a circle on the top left though the whole suit turns blue when he becomes ice.


Early lifeEdit

Robert Louis Drake was a normal kid until his X-gene was activated. He was considered a freak by his peers before being offered to join the X-Men by Professor X.

Iceman the X-manEdit

Bobby was one of the original X-Men under Charles Xavier along with Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Angel despite being so much younger than the rest. He fought Magneto along with the others and won.

Normal then X-man againEdit

Following the destruction of the Xavier Mansion, Bobby went home to live with his parents. A year later, Wolverine and Beast came to get him. His parents did not want him leaving with the two, but since he was an adult he could leave whenever he wanted to. He had kept in contact with Shadowcat and told the others where to find her on the way to Genosha. He has an apparent crush on her and she may share those feelings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cryokinesis: Bobby can generate and manipulate ice and snow. He can manifest and shape various structures made of ice and snow, or cold phenomena from snow flurries to blizzards. Most of his powers are unleashed via his hands and controlled by his emotions. He is capable of creating enchanted snowmen (both large and small), ice structures such as ice-blasts, deadly blizzards, and more. He can move ice structures at will. It also appears that his control extends to almost all forms of winter weather as he was able to manipulate wind streams to some degree.

Organic-Ice Form: Interestingly, it would seem that nearly his entire body is capable of conjuring ice and snow, allowing him to not only cover his body with ice and/or snow, but to actually become organic ice.


  • Iceman is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • This is the first version of Iceman since the Iceman of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends to be a series regular, and currently only to be a regular member on an X-Men series.
  • Yuri Lowenthal reprised his role in the video game Lego Marvel Superhero's.


  • Bobby joined the X-men between ages 12-14
  • In this series, Bobby's hair is blonde while in other versions, his hair is brown.
  • He is the only founding member who's age is revealed in the series.

In Marvel ComicsEdit

Bobby was one of the founding members of the X-men. He was possessed by Emma Frost who pushed his powers to their limits. The combined might of the X-Men were unable to defeat Emma-Iceman.