Biographical Information
Real Name: Warren Worthington III
Alias: Angel
Age: 24+
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: Centerport, New York

Warren Worthington Jr. (father)


X-Men (formerly)
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse




Storm (former love interest)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue (as Angel)
Red with no visible puplis (as Archangel)
Height: 6'0"
Character Information
Powers: Flight
Enhanced lungs
First appearance: Hindsight (Part 2)
Portrayed by: Liam O'Brien

Born and raised in affluence, Warren Worthington III was forced to hide who he was to spare his own intolerant family from embarrassment. As such, he leads a dual life - one playing the dutiful heir to the family fortune, and the other as the mysterious Angel, who uses his abilities to help those in need. Angel's wings can carry up to twice his weight and can fly him to 29,000 feet at speeds up to 159 mph. His enhanced lungs enable him to breathe at high altitudes and he possesses extraordinary eyesight. He is very loyal to the X-men and Wolverine. He is currently being controlled by Mister Sinister and has metallic wings. His father removed his normal wings, and to get his wings back, he turned to Sinister who changed him.


A very loyal and caring friend to the X-men, especially to his lady love Ororo. However, he has a temper beneath his usually calm and cool composure. Plus, he has a real weakness for beautiful women such as Emma Frost when the latter first arrived on the doorstep of the rebuilt Mansion with Warren immediately enchanted by her appearance.

Physical appearanceEdit

Angel is an attractive blonde man with feathery white wings. He wears a dress shirt and green tie under a brown coat over it to hid his wings. His uniform is a skintight red and white costume with a halo in the middle. As Archangel, Warren has blue skin and red eyes with no visible pupils. He wears a dark blue body suit with dark pink accents and has metalic wings.


Shortly after Scott Summers was added to the X-Men, Warren joined the team. He partook in several exercises in the Danger Room with Cyclops, Iceman and Beast. He once laughed at Cyclops after he was soaked during their training. He faced off against Magneto with Cyclops, Beast and Iceman while Jean stayed in the Blackbird. He was easily defeated by Magneto and was later saved by the combined forces of Jean and Scott.

He stayed on the team for a number of years, meeting and developing a close relationship with Storm, gaining a tolerance of Wolverine and continuing to work alongside older members such as Beast and Cyclops until an explosion at the mansion caused the X-Men to disband. Though Warren was not present, he heard of the team's disbandment and went on with the rest of his life. It is unknown how he felt about no longer being an X-Men.

Sometime later, after flying with Storm, Warren had an accident that resulted in badly damaged wings. His father ordered the wings removed, further estranging the relationship between father and son. Angel did not take this well at all. Mr. Sinister saw this as an opportunity to capture one of the X-Men, and Angel went along with it, in the hope to regain his wings.

After the transformation into Archangel, he attacked Worthington labs, seeking vengeance on his father. The X-Men soon intervened, and he was knocked out by one of Storm's lightning bolts though Storm took no joy in doing that. Mysteriously though, he disappeared after a brief distraction. He was last seen in the season finale working beside Essex, with no will of his own. He is presumed to be one of the Four Horsemen in the following Age of Apocalypse in the second season of Wolverine and the X-Men.